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White Mule Company Profile:

White Mule Company has been manufacturing industrial products since 1925.  We fabricate many different models of  fifth wheel and frame mounted truck saddles for piggyback style semi truck decking and hauling.  We specialize in truck decking equipment and truck decking supplies while also offering our manufacturing capabilities to serve our customers' needs. Among some of these capabilities are laser cutting, welding, machining, stamping, cutting, custom fabrication, and industrial painting. 

White Mule Company is now offering Laser Cutting Services with our new state of the art AMADA 3.5 kW CO2 Laser. White Mule's new CO2 Laser is equipped with flying optics and provides 2 axis cutting with a 60" by 120" work envelope. 3,500 watts of cutting power can quickly power through carbon steel up to 3/4" thick as well as aluminum and stainless up to 3/8" thick. It is also ideally suited for CRS, HRS, and galvanized steels. From heavy steel plate to the thinnest sheet metal, this system is engineered for speed and precision. This system gives White Mule Company the capability of laser cutting long run and short run industrial products.  The flexibility of White Mule Company's new CO2 Laser ensures that we can meet your industrial cutting needs.

White Mule Company is equipped with a state of the art painting facility.  Our 16ft x 30ft paint booth matched with an overhead conveyor and HVLP paint spraying system will meet your industrial painting needs.  The combination of the 16ft x 30ft paint booth with an 120 hook overhead conveyor system gives White Mule Company the capability of efficiently spray finishing a large variety of industrial products.  The 16ft x 30 ft paint booth gives White Mule Company the capability to spray finish large industrial products up to 30ft in length.  The 120 hook overhead conveyor system gives White Mule Company the capability of spray finishing a large volume of small to medium industrial products.  The flexibility of White Mule Company's painting facility ensures that we can meet your industrial painting needs.

White Mule Company is also a manufacturer of pavement marking stencils. Street marking is a breeze with pavement marking stencils from White Mule. These lightweight stencils are made of durable polyolefin plastic, which won’t warp or splinter like other models. Designed to meet all current state and federal standards, these longlasting stencils can be easily carried and positioned for painting by just one person. Yet even with their light weight, White Mule stencils are a thick enough gauge (1/8”) to tightly mask the pavement ensuring clear line definition and minimum overspray. Best of all, White Mule stencils can be rolled up for storage or transportation, so you don’t need a flatbed truck to move them from place to place. And when rolled up, any excess paint build-up just cracks and peels right off, keeping the  stencil lines crisp and clean as new. Leave the bulk and the hassle of plywood and metal stencils behind. Order durable pavement stencils from White Mule today! 


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